I have been asked by a member of staff to write a few words to capture what Woodlands means to me. Five years ago, I had gone through what I can only describe as the worst time in my life. It was a living hell with depression.

Just before I joined Woodlands I had received what I can only be described as the most exceptional care and support from my doctor and her team in Crisis Response Magherafelt. After a great deal of help and time and starting to feel much better – they discussed with me (in a 2-way discussion) how my mental health and wellbeing could be best met in the future. The goal could be set in a 2 point plan.

  • How could I get myself to feel better?
  • How could I keep myself well in the future

I had heard of the Beacon centre (Inspire) but didn’t really know much about it. I then went with the idea of the Beacon centre to the C.R team. Their response was “we think Beacon would be the ideal support for you” That was 5 years ago & I have never looked back since.

One of the many things that is a terrific help & support to me is that we as members are all equal i.e we have all had and are still living with some adverse mental health issues.

So, therefore we should all, as members feel totally comfortable sharing our lives experiences openly in the presence of each other, for the common good. I myself feel very comfortable in the groups.

The staff are excellent, they have the knowledge on a professional level, that is needed to help, care for and work with people who have experienced poor mental health and in some cases have lived through some terrible experiences in their lives, and for all members keeping their mental health well is a work in progress and the staff are brilliant to this end.

I hope that all members appreciate the staff and all that they do for them.

I sincerely hope that the staff are fully appreciated by the Health Trust and are paid appropriately for the sterling work that they do.

All in all, Woodlands is providing a truly brilliant service for all members and it is keeping people well and out of hospital.