Mission, Vision & Values

our vision

Wellbeing for all.

our mission

To work together with people living with mental ill health, intellectual disability, autism and addictions to ensure they live with dignity and realise their full potential. To develop a culture of compassion, creating a society free from stigma that focuses on people and their abilities.

our values

We are Inclusive: we put the people who use our services first

We are Passionate:  we believe in what we do

We are Determined:  we find a way

We are Kind:  we care about each other

We are Honest: we act with integrity

We are Innovative: we nurture new ideas

our vision

As we embark on a strategic plan to steer us through our 65th anniversary year, there can be little doubt that we are operating in a rapidly changing environment. In order to develop the priorities and six themes that underpin Inspire 20SIX, we talked to the wider Inspire community: the people who use our services, our staff and our external partners. We looked at data and trends, and focused on what we want to achieve in the next three years. You can read Inspire 20SIX by click the image to the right.