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Embark on your wellbeing journey
Brought to you by Aircoach, Ireland’s favourite coach operator, and team Inspire, Wellbeing on Wheels means you can now turn your travel time into an opportunity to improve your wellbeing.

Packed full of resources
Make the most of your travel time today and embark on a unique journey by accessing our range of wellbeing guides, advice, and short courses.

We have a wealth of valuable resources available for your Wellbeing on Wheels journey, including:

  • Information and advice on the cost-of-living crisis, mental health, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and debt.
  • Self-help toolkits addressing anxiety, loneliness, and building resilience.
  • Short courses such as ‘Getting A Better Night’s Sleep’.

You’re not alone
Many of us struggle with our wellbeing, something verified by a recent Inspire poll. We found:

18% of respondents rated their mental health as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’
25% of respondents felt unable to discuss their mental health with family and friends
60% hesitate to open up about their wellbeing and mental health, fearing they might worry others.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are not alone. Help and advice are here.

Driven by compassion, Inspired by you
So, whether you’d like to find information and guidance, or just some time for a quiet moment of reflection, Wellbeing on Wheels is here for you, today and into the future. Feel free to pop back anytime or to tell someone else you think might benefit from our resources.

We hope your journey to improved mental wellness begins today.

Look after yourself!

From all of us at Aircoach and Team Inspire.