Name: Angela Neill

Volunteer Role: Quiz Master

Inspire Service: Community Wellbeing

Tell us about your volunteering role?

I began volunteering as Quiz Master for Inspire in summer 2022. I host online quizzes every 2 weeks (using the SpeedQuiz app and Zoom) which lasts about an hour and consists of 4 rounds: 2 General Knowledge, Music and TV and Film. At the moment, the Newtownards centre (coordinated by Lynn) joins but we hope to grow the quiz to include other centres and individuals. We want to welcome as many attendees as possible to enjoy the quiz. I try to make the quizzes as fun as possible: the Music round is made up of music clips, the TV and Film round includes movie posters and I sometimes use themes e.g. St Patrick’s Day, colours, animals etc.

What benefits have you experienced personally from volunteering?

I have enjoyed meeting new people and sharing with them my love of quizzing. I feel included in the Inspire organisation (regularly meeting my manager and I attended the staff and volunteer conference in November and Christmas volunteer event)

Do you have any stories that you would like to share about your volunteering, from those you have engaged with? i.e. making a significant difference

I hope I am making a difference to those who attend and enjoy engaging with them throughout the quiz. Recently, I introduced a round format where you can steal points from another team if you buzz the correct answer fastest. This was a lot of fun and made everyone more competitive than usual!

Would you recommend volunteering with Inspire to others?  If yes, why?

I would recommend volunteering with Inspire as it is a good way to give back to the community and meet new people.

If you have a skill that you can share with Team Inspire, then we want to hear from you! Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes so get in touch make a difference today!