In order to celebrate World Read a Book Day, Inspire Community Wellbeing Services are partnering with Dungannon Library.

This partnership is encouraging their members to develop or reconnect with a love for reading and the purpose it can serve as a therapeutic pastime that is good for mental wellbeing.

Reading can be a solo pursuit, of course, but there are many recreational settings in which talking about or reading books can inspire and motivate, providing a reason to connect with others in the community. Dungannon Library plays host to a number of group activities based around reading.

Inspire Community Wellbeing Services, based at The Junction in Dungannon, have also established their own ‘Reading Room’ sessions, which are delivered by Fionnuala Boyle, who is employed by Inspire as a project worker. She has a passion for books and is a creative writing facilitator, published author and playwright.

The physical and emotional benefits that stem from reading include: lower blood pressure, a reduced heart rate and better sleep. It stimulates us with knowledge and provides a vital escape when our minds become crowded and stressed. Overall, it improves our wellbeing.

Reading helps us to keep learning and visiting the library encourages us to be active and to take notice of what’s going on around us. Making connections within the community often presents volunteering opportunities.

Inspire and Dungannon Library are encouraging the public to mark World Read a Book Day by picking up a newspaper, magazine or novel today and developing an uplifting hobby that will hold many benefits for mental and emotional health, now and in the future.