who we are

Inspire Students has a wealth of experience in supporting the needs of students mental wellbeing. Inspire Student Wellbeing is your independent, confidential student counselling service, available to all part-time and full-time students at QUB, UU, NRC, SERC, SWC, SRC & BMC.

We have been appointed by your college or university for our expertise in providing support for issues affecting student emotional wellbeing.

Counselling is a safe place, away from your daily life, where you are able to talk and begin to explore issues that are causing you difficulty. There is no pressure on students and we are here to listen and help you turn the situation around – counselling is about aiding you to find the answers to improve your own mental wellbeing and keep it healthy as you progress through your student years.

Our services are available to:

  • Students experiencing difficulties relating to academic or personal problems.

  • All students – including international, European, part-time and postgraduate.  


All counselling is confidential except when an issue arises whereby the individual is in serious danger – in these rare occasions we will discuss any potential break in confidentiality with you.