Inspire Mental Health...

Inspire Mental Health provides support services to people with a mental health conditions through our supported housing, day opportunities and advocacy services.

Inspire Mental Health works with and for people with mental illness to ensure they live healthy, productive lives and are supported to achieve their full potential within all aspects of their lives. We provide a range of supported accommodation including floating support that supports over 400 people per year. Day opportunities and recovery focused services are provided to over 1000 people per year and our advocacy services touch the lives of thousands every year.

 We also provide a range of community support services for people over 60 leaving hospital or who have become socially isolated to help them reintegrate into society.

We provide support to people with Personality Disorders, who self-harm and who are in prison. We also provide support to young mothers struggling with parenting and their mental wellbeing.

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be inspired to volunteer...

Volunteers bring immeasurable value to all areas of Inspire’s work to support people living with mental health conditions or an intellectual/learning disability. Find out more about how you get involved with our work.