Read Neil’s story on why he is undertaking this gruelling challenge. IRONMAN……

People often ask me, why?  How do you fit it all in? Will you be fit enough? So many questions. 

Truth is, I have my reasons. I’m not ashamed to say that training through sport has done so much for my positive mental health. So mid life crisis n’all that, I set out to complete an Ironman in my 40th year. I completed the Dublin Half Ironman, started planning for Barcelona, then boom, I was made redundant! 40 and out of a job….fabulous….plans truly scuppered! A great believer that things happen for a reason, I soon picked myself up and got the job I am in now, which I love. And even better, Ironman announced they were bringing the full distance event to Cork in 2019. Time to start training. 

As I write this at 43 years of age, 1 week before, my mind and body have never felt better. It’s been 10 solid months training and these last 12 weeks, my wife & kids have hardly seen me, nor my mates. When I’m not working or coaching football, I’m swimming, cycling or running, 6-7 times a week. But without my wife & kids, I couldn’t do it, they understand me & what this is all about. 

In Cork, on Sunday 23rd June, around 6am in the morning, I take on a mammoth triathlon….

2.4. mile swim

112 mile bike

26.2 mile run

I’ve dreamt about this for a long time, crossing that finishing line with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck playing, to hear those words….”you are an Ironman”. I’m still on this journey, a calf injury after the marathon almost wrecked it, and only now am I good. Feeling positive.

So please, a few quid to raise at least a pound per mile. I have to do this in under 17 hours and your support or even just well wishes will help me get through the pain barriers I will face. 

To donate to this challenge and help to raise funds for Inspire please click here

I do this to inspire my 2 kids, and those kids who I coach, all who inspire me everyday. And to prove to anyone else, who wants to push themselves to do a couch to 5k or a marathon…..