On Monday 7th March Inspire and Change Your Mind launch Inspire Women; Strength in Storytelling for International Women’s Day.

As humans, we are neurobiologically hard-wired to create meaning from what we see around us. We use language, and storytelling, to articulate who we are to ourselves and each other. Stories enable our brains to mirror each others’ in basic acts of empathy and understanding.

The Inspire Women: Strength in Storytelling project (part of the ‘Change Your Mind’ campaign) brought together a range of women from Inspire to explore different artistic disciplines to share their stories of strength, struggle, recovery and hope. Using photography, creative writing and conversations through storytelling, they share a unique and personal insight into the lives of women living with mental ill health or addictions in Northern Ireland today.

The arts and the function they serve for storytelling and self-expression are essential to our adult lives. Through artistic expression, we can connect to our shared hope, our terror, our fear and a gathering of our courage. We invite you to connect with the resilience and courage of the Inspire women who have shared their stories below, in a variety of artistic formats. 

This project is all about telling the stories of women’s lives without shame or stigma. To see all the amazing pieces, please click here.