Emma Weaver from Inspire was delighted to contribute to NI’s First Citizens Assembly on how social care is currently delivered in NI and what needs to improve.

The first Citizens Assembly took place in Belfast on 26th – 28th October at the Europa. It was a fantastic event with over 80 participants in attendance. Lots of meaningful discussions and issues raised on social care in Northern Ireland.

The core idea of the Citizens Assembly, is that a representative group of citizens comes together, they are presented with information and arguments from a range of experts and relevant stakeholders and then they deliberate on the best way forward before coming up with their own considered recommendations. This innovative idea on the approach to democracy has already been used in Canada, England, the Netherlands and Republic of Ireland. The public inform the key decision makers on how to move forward on an issue. 

On this occasion the issue addressed by the assembly was Social Care in Northern Ireland. Inspire was delighted to have the opportunity to contribute and Emma Weaver from Inspire shared the platform at NI’s First Citizens Assembly with @CarersNI and @Age_NI to discussing how social care is currently delivered in NI and how it can be improved.

For more information on the Citizens Assembly click here