Inspire recently hit the road to host the latest instalments of our Ideas Generator workshops, which first kicked off last year, and, given the success of summer 2022’s trips to Dundalk, Lisburn and Cookstown, we were all too happy to go again in 2023.

August wrapped with a trip to Bellaghy and the Seamus Heaney HomePlace, an inspiring venue in the heart of Mid Ulster. Last week, we struck out for the Cavan lakelands, home to the Slieve Russell resort. 

Inspire’s Ideas Generators are centred on hearing directly from those who use our services as we shape our upcoming campaigns and events, and we were delighted that over 150 people could join us across the two dates.

The focus of World Mental Health Day, which takes place on 10th October, is mental health and human rights. With that in mind, we took time to explore each person’s understanding of the subject using the FREDA principles (Freedom, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy) of health and social care. Participants outlined the ways in which these themes translate into the real world, from the right to be treated equally by healthcare professionals to freedom of identity, culture, beliefs and personal choices.

We asked service users to share their experiences, both good and bad, whilst crafting simple pieces of advice for others dealing with their own mental health issues. They all contributed a variety of invaluable, expert opinions on mental ill health, addiction, intellectual disability and autism.

Before concluding the sessions and enjoying some hearty lunches, Inspire’s Community Engagement Coordinator, Kenny Ramsey, led discussions on the topic of the environment, inviting suggestions on how best to respect and care for the world around us. From in-service recycling to beach clean-ups and local volunteering, attendees offered excellent insights and ideas, many of which aligned with key elements of Inspire’s strategic plan, 20SIX.

Check out our Ideas Generator videos below. We expect 2024 to be just as good.