how to take part – young people

Get young people talking

Time to Talk Day is the perfect opportunity to get as many young people talking about mental health as possible. Schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups are the ideal place to open up conversations and share the importance of listening. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Poster campaign

Download our posters to spread the word about the benefits of talking about mental health. Think about where you could put them up: youth centres, school corridors, college canteens, university noticeboards. Is there anyone you can contact to get them on digital spaces? Get creative about where the posters could live.

Movie night

Get the popcorn ready and host a movie night – it’s a great way to get people together to talk about mental health. Choose a movie that you think portrays mental health problems well and use it to help spark conversations. Whether you have a discussion at the end of the film or pause throughout, make sure you highlight the importance of talking about mental health.

True or false

Kick start your class or meeting with our quick fire round of true or false. These questions are designed to make you think. You can even use the questions to launch a wider discussion about mental health stereotypes before encouraging everyone to have a conversation about mental health.

Design your own

Get creative by designing your own posters, postcards or talking tips to encourage young people to start a mental health conversation. This could be part of a group or individual activity. Share the artwork with your school, college, university or youth group or use #TimeToTalk to spread the message on social media.


Catch up online over a game of FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty or whatever else you’re into. You could have a party chat with mates on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. These are great ways to check in with your mates and bring up the topic of mental health in a space that suits you while doing something you enjoy.