how to take part – Sports Clubs

Get your sports clubs talking

Sports clubs have the power to make some noise about Time to Talk Day and spread the message that talking and listening can change lives. Whether it’s in the stands, at the club house or in the changing rooms, there are plenty of ways to spark conversations about mental health.

Special events

Organise a bespoke event to get as many people as you can talking about mental health. It could be a conversation-led warm-up or cool-down, a games night at your club house, a lunch-and-learn session. Could also promote your event with a customisable poster.

Hand out tip cards

Feel free to use our tips in newsletters or digital spaces in your club. They could be left on spectator seats, posted out with tickets or slipped into programmes.

Use your space

Sports clubs are unique in that they have many corners to promote things. Download our posters and think about where they could be best placed to get noticed: behind toilet doors, next to the bar, in emails or on lockers. Get creative!

Share online

Your website and social media channels help you keep connected to your athletes, coaches, fans and community. This is a great way to inspire conversations about mental health. The more shares, likes and comments we get, the further we can spread the message. Remember to use #TimetoTalk. Feel free to download our digital assets.

In-programme ads or editorials

Download our poster artwork to use in your match day programmes. You may also like to include an editorial about Time to Talk Day and the importance of talking and listening. If so, quotes and personal stories from coaches, players or fans experiencing mental health problems are a powerful way to challenge stigma. Spread the word about what you’ve got planned online and tag your posts with #TimetoTalk.