PETT Study privacy statement

Inspire Privacy Notice for PETT Study Participants

In line with the UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) Inspire, Lombard House, 10-20 Lombard Street, Belfast) is the data controller and we will process your personal data as a new information request for the PETT Study in compliance with the law. This privacy notice is to tell you how that personal data is used and protected by Inspire.

What personal data is collected and how it’s used

Inspire uses your data for administrative purposes to provide a referral route to the Kings College London/QUB PETT Study.  Data collected includes: Name and contact details.

What is the lawful basis of processing my personal data?

The lawful basis for processing this personal data is legitimate interests. This applies when the data processing is not required by law but is of a clear benefit to the organisation or the individual, there is limited privacy impact on you as the individual.

 How is my data stored and shared?

Once you have completed a PETT Study information request consent form on the Inspire website, an email is shared directly to Kings College London – with the details you have completed to allow them to contact you with further information as requested. 

We take security seriously into account, and we follow the generally accepted standards for the protection and management of your personal information and data. Our servers are hosted in Lombard House in Belfast and they have a high level of physical security.  The data you submitted will be held and stored securely on the Inspire server for 6 months and will then be permanently deleted. Please also see Kings College London/QUB, PETT Study Consent Form

Your Rights

Because we hold your data you have certain rights such as the right to access, right to withdraw consent and the right to be forgotten amongst others.  If you wish to request access to the data Inspire hold on you or to request deletion of your data that Inspire hold on you please contact Inspire data protection officer at


Full details of your rights and further details can be found at