who we are

Inspire Disability Services works with and for people with learning/intellectual disabilities to ensure they live healthy, productive lives and are supported to achieve their full potential within all aspects of their lives. Inspire Disability Services provides registered residential, supported living, day time, social and leisure activities for people with learning/intellectual disabilities throughout the island of Ireland.

Inspire Disabilities Services support people with Learning/Intellectual Disabilities:

          • live healthy, productive and independent lives with appropriate and responsive support service to enable them develop their
            maximum potential

          • be individuals and join in all decision-making which affect their lives, with appropriate and responsive advice and support
             where necessary

          • live their lives within their community, maintain social and family ties and connections which are important to them

          • have the support of their community and access to general and specialist services that relate to their individual need,
            circumstances and preferences
Inspire Disabilities Services works with Health and Social Care Commissioners, Housing Associations, Community and Voluntary Sector partners to plan, develop and deliver high quality care and housing support services for people with Learning/Intellectual Disabilities.

Inspire Disabilities Services develops support services which enable people to move onto small individual, non-congregated community homes. Inspire Disabilities Services develops planning and transition supports which enables relocation from long term intuitional and unsuitable community settings to non-segregated community based homes.

Inspire Disabilities Services employs over 256 staff throughout the island of Ireland in registered residential, supporting living and day activity settings.


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