John Conaghan

Name: John Conaghan

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Telephone Number:  07934 406264

Coach Profile 

I am a seasoned leadership executive with a proven track record of driving organisational success. With over 20 years of experience I have honed my leadership skills across various industries and sectors. My expertise in coaching has enabled teams and individuals to deliver a consistently high level of performance, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. My motivational approach and strategic vision is focused on empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. From 2009 – 2022 I worked at Inspire Wellbeing, where I was Group Director for 6 years. I was responsible for managing the mental health and wellbeing support service for staff working within education and for launching the school leadership coaching service.


  • BSSc (Hons) in Political Science from QUB -1989
  • Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries Certificate -1993
  • Certificate in Sales Management from the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management – 1993
  • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills – 2010
  • Qualified Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)- 2023

Coaching Experience

With over 20 years leadership and coaching experience, I have honed my skills in guiding individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. Specialising in personal and professional development I have coached a diverse range of people from various industries. I have cultivated expertise in goal setting, communication, leadership and fostering lasting positive transformations. My approach integrates empathy, strategic planning and a commitment to continuous growth, creating a supporting environment for clients to thrive.

I have experience of coaching individuals from across various industries and sectors including the pharmaceutical industry, the education sector, the Health Service, NI Civil Service and the community & voluntary sector.