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Inspire Workplaces promotes positive mental wellbeing and resilience in the workplace through its employee assistance programmes, people and organisational development services.

Inspire Workplaces is part of a social enterprise wholly owned by Inspire set up in 2000 with its focus wellbeing at work through counselling and other therapeutic interventions.

We provide a number of workplace wellbeing services such as employee assistance programmes (EAP) throughout the island of Ireland, and more recently, we have expanded into Britain.

Our network of highly skilled and experienced counsellors and consultants currently are available to offer confidential and timely support to well over 1,000,000 employee ‘lives’.

Inspire Workplaces' approach offers clients a service that provides:

  • A partnership approach that supports staff in workplace environments that helps an organisation to thrive.

  • Evidenced outcomes of positive impacts gained from short-term therapeutic interventions.


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