Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer within Inspire. If you are over 18, please complete the online application below. We promote diversity and inclusion and welcome all volunteer applications. We have a number of exciting roles to fill and look forward to hearing about your experiences. If you have any additional questions with regards completing the application form; please contact the Volunteer Department on 07921 697 135 or email: volunteering@inspirewellbeing.org

Volunteers bring immeasurable value to all areas of Inspire’s work to support people with mental health conditions or a learning disability.

The skills, expertise and life experience of our volunteers helps to enrich all areas of our direct service activity and is at the cornerstone of our fundraising and campaigning too.

We listen to and value the opinions of our volunteers. We want to learn from them and use their experience and skills to enhance our services.

We value all our volunteers and commit to:

  • Fully support you in your role with training and out of pocket expenses.

  • Help you develop new and existing skills.

  • Provide opportunities for you to network with other volunteers. 



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So you want to be the person who makes a difference? Then you might just have come to the right place. Careers with Inspire will challenge and develop you. You will see first hand the difference that you can make in people's lives. Why not find out more here....?