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Our Critical Incident Support Management training is designed to help those companies and individuals most at risk of psychological trauma. From time to time, your staff may face a critical incident at work. We will work in conjunction with the local emergency services and provide trauma support to those affected by the recent incident.

These incidents might come in the form of the unexpected death of a colleague, a serious accident or another event which could impact on the wellbeing of employees at work.

At Inspire Workplaces we provide a comprehensive portfolio of services that can enhance your business continuity plans to prepare and respond to adverse critical incidents.

Research demonstrates that organisations who develop support networks built around the needs of their employees, customers and community can promote recovery in the aftermath of a destabilising critical incident or traumatic event.

A critical incident at work can severely impact the mental wellbeing of those directly or indirectly involved.  Examples include serious accidents, sudden death or suicide, or violence such as an armed robbery or terrorist attack. We can help you implement a critical incident plan to anticipate such an event and support you in dealing with its aftermath.

Our Pre-Critical Incident Service delivers planning, awareness raising, education and training so that your organisation’s response to a critical incident is both rapid and appropriate, containing the psychological damage which those affected experience.

Our Post-Critical Incident Service is available as part of our EAP or on an ad hoc basis.  Our clinical advisors ensure that workers affected by a critical incident receive immediate on-site and off-site support to the highest standards, including face-to-face counselling, 24-hour telephone counselling and follow-up assessments.

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