Solution Focused Brief Therapy was first devised by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. This renowned therapy style focuses on the resource available to each client and what their wishes for the future are. It helps explore possible futures and what is contributing to that already.

What to do in preparation for counselling with Inspire

No preparation work is needed.

Come with the attitude of wanting something in your life to change, to want something different to the way it is now.

What to expect in counselling with Inspire

Your counselling will be on a one to one basis with the counsellor.  It will be the same counsellor for all your sessions.  Depending on your company’s contract with us you will have a set number of maximum sessions (usually around 6) but sometimes we can go beyond that with approval.

It can take place in a counselling room, over Skype or on the telephone.  It will be at the same time and day each week to suit your timescale.

The style of counselling will be slightly different to what you expect as it doesn’t go over a past issue.  It will look for your own strengths and resources and help you appreciate these.  It will help you find your own way to change what it is you want to be different, to achieve a more satisfying life.  You will be helped to take stock on what you already have and develop a solution to what it is you want.

You will have the freedom to make your own choices and to explore how things could be different.

What to do after counselling with Inspire

This type of counselling helps you to think differently about your own situation and gives you the tools to apply the same techniques to any scenario you face in the future.

You have taken the first step to look at this web site, now pick up the phone to explore how things could be different for you in your life.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a process that allows you to work through issues that may be causing you distress or confusion with a person who is professionally qualified to help you. Inspire counsellors are very experienced, compassionate and non-judgemental in their approach. Their job is to listen, understand and help you to find solutions to your problems. Being able to talk to someone who will help you recognise your strengths and capabilities, and who will give you practical, concrete support to deal with issues, can be just the help you need to get through a crisis.   

Inspire counselling

Inspire counselling is carried out in an extremely supportive, caring and non-judgemental way. Your counsellor will support you to cope with whatever issues are causing you distress and disrupting your life. Inspire counselling is solution focused, gently challenging you to face your problems, to set realistic goals for yourself so that you can achieve the solutions that you want. As well as stimulating you to work towards your goals, Inspire counselling will help you to identify the resources, strengths, qualities and skills that you have to help you achieve them. The Employee Assistance Programme agreed between Inspire Workplaces and your employer entitles you to a number of free counselling sessions. The number of sessions to which you are entitled will be explained during your first initial counselling session. If you need extra counselling beyond this, your counsellor will help you identify the best place for you to receive it. Under normal circumstances, Inspire does not offer further sessions beyond the usual entitlement. However, on rare occasions, your counsellor may feel that one or two additional sessions would be appropriate. This will only be agreed if Inspire’s clinician is in agreement with the counsellor’s judgement. Any such additional sessions will be agreed in principle by your employer, without them knowing your identity.


No one will know that you are using the Inspire Workplaces Counselling Service

Inspire counselling is highly confidential and is carried out within strict boundaries. Your employer is provided with general statistical information about the level of service use, but no individual can be identified from this information. Inspire keeps limited records of counselling and all of its information processing systems comply with Data Protection legislation. Your counsellor will make brief notes after each session and counselling process forms will also be completed with your help. The information recorded on these forms will be used by Inspire Workplaces’s administrative staff for anonymised feedback and research purposes. Your name and contact telephone number will be kept separate from these notes / forms. You have the right to see your notes, and this access can be facilitated through the Inspire Workplaces Clinical Director.

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