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It’s important that line managers understand the features and benefits of a mental health and wellbeing programme so that they can actively promote it to staff. Employees should know what services they can avail of if they or a colleague need support.

What should you expect from your mental health and wellbeing programme? 

We provide a unique range of services to our clients. Our focus is on people support and development programmes, and addressing real issues that affect people’s wellbeing in work.

As an employer:

  • Robust Contract Management - every organisation that partners with us is provided with a Customer Relationship Manager who will be responsible for managing the contract and developing excellent working relationships with key staff within the company. The Customer Relationship Manager will be the main contact for any queries. They will also send the service usage reports. 

  • Comprehensive well-being strategy development - the Customer Relationship Manager will meet with HR after the contract is awarded and further discuss the organisation and work closely with them to create a wellbeing strategy suitable for the organisation. 

  • Support through times of change and transition - if there is change or transition at work, this can sometimes distract employees. We can help employees at this time and ensure productivity is not disrupted. 

  • Up to date information, support and marketing material - marketing activities generally include the facilitation of an introductory workshop to launch the service to staff and managers. We normally liaise with HR to promote our services through internal publications, intranet, posters, leaflets and fact sheets as required. We also attend appropriate workplace events and functions (e.g Wellbeing Fairs). 


As an employee:

  • 24 hour confidential telephone counselling line - every employee whose organisation has partnered with us will have access to confidential telephone counselling. The counselling is delivered by qualified and experienced Counsellors who will provide immediate telephone counselling, support and assessment for up to one hour.

  • Confidentiality and independence - counsellors work within strict professional boundaries of confidentiality.  These are explained to clients at the onset of counselling, and they are provided with a leaflet outlining these boundaries in greater depth. The professional boundaries allow for circumstances in which, for ethical and legal reasons, confidentiality must be broken.

  • Online information and support.

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