The Elite Package is superb. 

As well as the premium services provided, the elite package goes above and beyond your average EAP. 

  • Telephone Counselling Support for all staff 
  • 24/7 Freephone Helpline 
  • Provide cover for crisis situations (Critical Incident Response) via the helpline 
  • Online services of wellbeing and information 
  • Management Support 
  • Unlimited access to specialist information services including health and wellbeing; family life; disability etc. 
  • Financial information service - provided by experienced QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) 
  • Legal information service - provided by experienced qualified and experienced solicitors 
  • CSR opportunities with Inspire family 


The following tools can be utilised by HR departments and improve individual and organisational wellbeing. 

  • HR Hotline 
  • Telephone Coaching Model
  • Face to face counselling sessions 
  • Mental Health in the Workplace “Tool Kit” 
  • On site Critical Incident Response 
  • EAP Evaluation meeting
  • Launch briefings
  • Free attendance to 4 of our Seminars 
  • Online Health Assessment
  • Return to Work Support (Absence Management) 
  • Wellness/Management Training 
  • Wellbeing Strategy Planning 


Interested in our Elite Package?

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