support options

Inspire can give your employees free, confidential and immediate one-to-one support when they are experiencing stress or distress arising from their work or personal lives.

Support Options FAQs

Q.  What issues can I get support for?

You can receive support through your EAP on a wide range of issues.  

Issues that come up on a regular basis include:

Loneliness / Isolation

Managing Finance / Debt

 Alcohol & Drug misuse

Anxiety/ Depression

 Separation / Divorce


Coping with emotion pressure/stress

Worrying about job prospects

 Thinking you may not be good enough

Difficult relationships at work

Managing work-life balance

Bullying and Harassment at Work

Caring responsibilities  


Q.  What type of support can I get?

We want wellbeing for all, and encourage self-help and early intervention. 

Through your EAP you can access to self-help information if something is causing you unhappiness or trouble. We encourage people to spending some time reflecting and using self-help tools. You also have access to a 24hr telephone helpline where you will be directed to resources that may help. If you are still feeling distressed you may want to use structured telephone counselling or face to face counselling. 

Q.  What is counselling?

In short, it is a process that allows you to work through issues that may be causing you distress with a qualified professional counsellor.

Counsellors listen carefully and make sure that you have defined the problem areas in your own terms and help you plan what you want to do next. 

Q.  How confidential is counselling?

Counselling is highly confidential and carried out within strict boundaries.  

Counsellors work to a strict Code of Ethics – they will discuss with you the limits to their confidentiality and ask you to sign a declaration before moving forward with counselling.


Any more questions about support options?

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