contract options

Inspire Workplace has a choice of contract options to suit your organisation.

Q.  What types of contracts are there?

Fee-per- session (Sessional)

Pre-paid option (Block) 

We offer all of our EAP customers a choice between a block (fixed price) contract, or a sessional (pay-as-you-go) option.

Q.  What is a Block Contract?

Our Block Contract provides a fixed price for unlimited access to the service, thereby offering you certainty of costs for effective budget planning.

You pay a fixed fee, which is calculated on the number of employees to be covered and estimated usage.

Q.  What is a Sessional Contract?

Our Sessional contract offers flexibility where demanded by budgets or procedures; you pay only for those counselling and advice sessions actually used by your employees.  

There is small retainer fee which covers all launch and ongoing promotional literature, dedicated account management, clinical case management and class leading usage reports.

Q.  I don't want an EAP just counselling for one employee?

If you would like counselling services/back to work support for a few individuals rather than the entire organisation that can be arranged for a fixed fee. 

Still have questions about your contract options?

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