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We understand that choosing a provider to support the mental health and wellbeing of your employees is an important decision and one which is crucial for your staff and your business. Partnering with us, you can be assured that your employees are in the best hands. We are clinical experts who understand the complexities of mental wellbeing and will provide 24 hour emotional care for your staff. We are a quality provider of employee support, proactively working in partnership with your HR managers to address the needs of your workforce. A low uptake to our helpline is seen as a bad thing, with 1 in 4 people suffering from mental ill health, everyone needs to have access to this helpline at one time or another.

With our interventions we can prove the following:

  • We can create a 26% reduction in work hours lost through absence and lack of presenteeism.
    In the UK it is estimated that £1,035 per employee is lost due to mental health.
  • We are a charity that can help your staff enjoy life more.  In today's world the fast pace of work and the demand 24/7 on your knowledge could leave little time for investment in your own personal wellbeing.
  • We improve employees' mental health and wellbeing to help your company’s productivity.  It makes business sense to invest in the training of your staff to help productivity, then why not invest in their mental health. The better you feel about yourself and your life, the more energy you personally invest in your work.
  • We can deliver on a 19% reduction in workplace distress.  1 in 4 employees suffer poor mental health with a natural impact on work. Inspire can alleviate this.


We are experts at dealing with the hard to reach personal issues that are affecting your workforce.

Our approach is to offer clients a service that provides:

  • More than just a phone line, we partner with you to support your staff and help your business to thrive.
  • Preventative action, and timely and effective interventions before issues become too great.
  • A centre of excellence for psychological wellbeing - all of our profits are reinvested in the work that we do as part of the Inspire family which is committed to working to improve the lives of people living with mental health difficulties.

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