rebrand and relocation...

Our rebrand into Inspire and relocation to Lombard House.

Time had taken its toll on the ageing legacy properties at University Street and Connsbrook Avenue, occupied by Inspire for many years. These properties offered neither the capacity, nor the neutrality, of location to enable a resilience centre that could impact the community.

So, the search was on for a suitable site to house the resilience centre, services and functions operating across the existing legacy properties. Finally, in October 2015, Inspire became the proud owner of Lombard House. The property was in a neutral, visible area of high footfall, and, while it required substantial work to render it fit for purpose, Inspire had taken its first step towards investing in public wellbeing and developing accessible community-wide mental health support.

Securing the purchase of Lombard House was only the beginning. Significant works were undertaken to transform Lombard House and to initiate Inspire’s first house move in nearly 60 years – by no means a light task. We also wanted to ensure that the result would provide opportunities for income generation to contribute to charitable activities and create an efficient and positive environmental future.

The project was a mammoth task with many facets. We needed to fit out the new building, clear out everything from the old sites, move everyone and decommission and sell the remnant buildings of our past.

With gusto, our Corporate Services team took on the challenge. Fiona led on the building works and Nuala contributed her creative flair to design concepts. Rob sourced the ICT equipment and project managed the transfer of all ICT services. Vincent co-ordinated the many procurement exercises and Frankie looked after the decommissioning of the old properties, securing arrangements for the big move. The whole process was coordinated by Pauline, together with all of the legal and contractual issues.

We created an environment to engage with the public, state-of-the-art, multi-functional counselling and training suites, and working offices for around 100 staff. Tenants were secured for unused floors and we readied the ground floor for further letting opportunities. The vision to engage with the public, raise Inspire’s profile and encourage more people to look after their wellbeing was achieved.

2016 was a landmark year for a number of reasons: our relocation; our expansion into the Republic of Ireland; our new relationship with Addiction NI; and, not least of all, our rebrand from Niamh to Inspire.

The decision to change our name, and the names of our services, was not an easy one but for the reasons highlighted above, amongst others, it no longer reflected who we were as a group, or the depth and breadth of our services.

After consulting with our service users and staff we put their top suggested names out to a vote – Inspire came back as a runaway favourite.

The design process to shape our new look and feel welcomed staff and service users' input throughout. The result went live on 5th Dec 2016, when the Inspire Group was introduced to the market.

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