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In Northern Ireland, mental ill health persists as a particular challenge.

In its 2019 report on the state of health funding in the region, Westminster’s Northern Ireland Affairs Committee stated: ‘Mental health is sometimes referred to as a “Cinderella service”… historically undervalued and underfunded. However, there is now a broad consensus around the value of effective mental healthcare and the principle of “parity of esteem” between mental and physical health.'

The restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive takes place against a backdrop in which wellbeing represents a live public health concern. It is one with which people and their political representatives are increasingly engaged.

Inspire wants that engagement to increase. The devolved institutions should place wellbeing at the core of their policy outcomes, making it as central to the public consciousness as physical health, exercise and fitness.

This is ambitious but Inspire believes that it is more than possible. Law-makers must build on the momentum behind increasingly prominent calls for better services and improved mental health.

In our briefing document, The Path Towards Wellbeing For Allwe outline Northern Ireland’s mental health priorities and how devolved government can help us meet them.

Check out the briefing below.

The Path Towards Wellbeing For All - NI Assembly and Executive Manifesto

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