Here you can find out more about our policy positions on the issues affecting people experiencing mental ill-health or learning disability.

We are calling on the next government to make 5 commitments to improve the lives of individuals affected by mental ill-health or learning disability and support the wellbeing of all. Those commitments are:

fair funding

Ensure fair funding for mental health and learning disability by committing to real increases in funding for mental health and learning disability services over the life of the next Programme for Government.

community based services

Ensure accessible, person centred, recovery-led services by committing to a real shift to community based mental health services offering prevention and crisis care with liaison psychiatry services available 24/7.

promoting resilience

Proactively promote mental wellbeing by committing to improvements in mental health prevention and implementing a regional wellbeing and resilience strategy supported by funding for a resilience centre with a regional network of services.

delivery of quality services

Ensure delivery of quality care and support services for people with mental ill-health and learning disability, based on increased independence and inclusion, by investing in lived experience, service user involvement and quality assured advocacy.


Improve the lives of people with mental ill-health and learning disability by committing to reducing stigma and discrimination and supporting the Change Your Mind campaign.



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