Inspiration Point campaign

We have launched the Inspiration Point campaign as a means to distribute information, advice and tips on promoting wellbeing via a number of public accessible venues throughout Ireland.

what does it mean to be an Inspiration Point

By pledging to become an Inspiration Point our partners are helping us to:

  • Raise the public profile of mental wellbeing.

  • Challenge the stigma and prejudice that can often surround mental ill-health.

  • Provide a ready access to information and guidance that people may not otherwise have the chance to engage with.


do you know a location that would be a good Inspiration Point?

We are always looking for more venues and locations to come on board to help us promote wellbeing for all. Any location such as say: shopping centres, hospitals, schools and colleges, banks and building societies, supermarkets, leisure facilitates, council offices etc. are great places to make available information that visitors can pick up for free.


some of our Inspiration Point partners

sign up to become an Inspiration Point

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