Change Your Mind campaign

Change Your Mind is Northern Ireland’s regional campaign to tackle stigma and discrimination around mental health.

Change Your Mind is a joint programme run by Inspire and the Public Health Agency. We are funded by Comic Relief and work in partnership with a range of organisations and community networks across Northern Ireland.

We are a grassroots campaign shaped by the collaboration of communities, organisations and individuals who are championing the message against mental health stigma across society – a campaign for people driven by people. 

We want to create a society where everyone feels comfortable talking about mental health – whenever they like. If people feel able to do that, that’s great. Unfortunately, many people still don’t feel comfortable talking openly – fearing judgement from others. By asking everyone to talk about mental health at a shared moment in time – whether you have a mental health problem or not, we hope people will find it a positive experience that they will continue.

For more information on Change Your Mind, our work, our campaigns & help and support click here.

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