Inspire Disability Services...

Inspire Disability Services provides support for adults with learning/intellectual disabilities and/or complex needs in a number of residential locations throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland

Inspire Disability Services works with and for people with intellectual/learning disabilities to ensure they live healthy, productive lives and are supported to achieve their full potential within all aspects of their lives.

We provide a range of care and housing support services which enable people to move toward independent living and supports people with a learning disability to:

  • Live healthy, productive and independent lives with appropriate and responsive support service to enable them develop their maximum potential.

  • Be individuals and join in all decision-making which affect their lives, with appropriate and responsive advice and support where necessary.

  • Live their lives within their community, maintain social and family ties and connections which are important to them.

  • Have the support of their community and access to general and specialist services that relate to their individual need, circumstances and preferences.


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