Ask, Listen, Talk

03 October 2018

World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on 10th October. The Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and to mobilise efforts in support of positive mental health.

Ask, Listen, Talk

Our focus for World Mental Health Day 2018 is ASK. LISTEN. TALK – supporting mental wellbeing in a changing world

Change can be an energising and positive force in our lives. It can also be disconcerting for those experiencing a great deal of change all at once. In the increasingly fast moving pace of contemporary life, all of us are challenged to be more, do more and do it quicker.  

At home or at work, the expanding use of online technologies, while undoubtedly bringing benefits, has also brought additional pressures, as connectivity to virtual networks at any time of the day and night grows.

We can meet these growing challenges by developing greater support mechanisms for ourselves and for others. For that reason, we are encouraging you to ASK, LISTEN and TALK to ensure that you, your family, your friends and your colleagues are supported in this changing world:


- for help and support if you are concerned about your own wellbeing.

- a friend, colleague or family member if they are ok.

- questions about issues affecting mental health and what support is   available. Feeling informed can make you feel more confident and in control of issue affecting you and others.

The Minding Your Head and Public Health Agency websites have lots of information on mental health and services available across Northern Ireland and the yourmentalhealth and Health Promotion websites provide similar information for those in the Republic of Ireland. 


- to yourself and acknowledge what is worrying or concerning you. 

- to a friend, colleague or family member. Hear what they are saying with an open, non-judgemental mind.


- to someone if you are worried about your own wellbeing. If you are in distress or despair you can call Lifeline in NI on 0808 808 8000 or Pieta House in ROI on 1800 247 247.

- show that it's ok to talk about feelings, emotions and mental wellbeing by making it a normal part of conversations you have with colleagues and people in your social circle, just like you would with your physical health.

Our ASK LISTEN TALK advice note from the Change Your Mind campaign has more tips on how to start conversations about mental health.

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