Turning Mountains Into Molehills

02 March 2018

This inspirational group take on 5 walking challenges overcoming their personal 'mountains'

Turning Mountains Into Molehills

Turning Mountains Into Molehills was an innovative idea by staff member Christopher Lowry. He had the idea of linking Inspire's 5 steps to wellbeing, focusing on being active having a positive influence on your mental health and introducing this challenge to Inspire’s service users across all of our schemes.

Christopher is a Floating Support Project Worker for the South East and extended the invitation to all involved in Inspire to join the walking group. The group have been taking on different walking challenges from September 2017 including Lady Dixon Park, Scrabo Tower/Kilynether Wood and more recently Redburn Country Park. 

Christopher Lowry said this about the challenege, "All the walkers have reported really enjoying each walk and always say they look forward to the next one! It has been great to facilitate this group as a chance for our individual Floating Support clients to meet up with each other. The benefits appear to be multifold and the walkers have been turning 'Mountains Into Molehills'"

The walking groups next challenge is Cavehill. This is preparation for the final challenge, Slieve Donard where on their decent they will have a celebration BBQ at the foot of our tallest mountain.

We will be sharing stories of those participating in the walking group before and after the final Slieve Donard climb, capturing the benefits the group have felt throughout the 5 challenges and their own personal ‘mountains’ they have overcome.

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