The Fit Factory offer their support

09 January 2018

Moving video shared by staff at local group fitness and personal training studio, "we wanted a way to help others..."

The Fit Factory offer their support

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Phil and Kelly from Fit Factory Larne shared with us their personal story about mental health and wellbeing. The powerful video told the story of their journey with mental health and how along with wellbeing, group exercise helped them individually overcome depression, anxiety and struggles.

Watch the video here

Phil from Fit Factory Larne, told us why he wanted to share his story, “Exercising, especially group exercise, is too often only associated with losing weight. What we hear from those in our classes is that what they gain the most, is improved mood, confidence, and a bit of ‘time-out’ from the day. Kelly and myself have our own first hand experience of improved mental health from group fitness, so we wanted a way to help others to experience that.”

The Fit Factory are offering 3 months free group exercise classes to those who get in touch as a proactive way to encourage people to improve their mental health. For more information you can email or via their Facebook page.

We would like to thank Phil and Kelly for sharing their story and challenging stigma by talking about wellbeing issues.



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