Peter's Hill Pass Go

26 January 2018

Staff and Service Users created the Monopoly board personalising it to their own community.

Peter's Hill Pass Go

Peter's Hill Staff and Service users created their own unique monopoly board game and Zak Hughes tells us a bit about the idea of the project.

"The idea behind the project was to provide our service users with entertainment in both making the board, making the houses and hotels and also by playing the game. The board also includes locations that the service users know of for example their Flats (which are only numbered e.g. Flat 6) and the local shops and restaurants that they would visit and use regularly so that they feel that the monopoly board is more personalised to their community.

The service users also had a huge influence on the rules of Peters Hill Monopoly, making the game more fair and easier to play and we have a number of service users who play monopoly on a daily basis so I thought it would be great if they had an input on the rules. I couldn't of completed the board without the massive help of both the staff and service users which I am grateful for."

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