World Mental Health Day

10 October 2017

The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. As this year’s theme is mental health in the work place we thought it was a good time to check in with John Conaghan the newly appointed Director of Professional Services at leading wellbeing charity Inspire.

World Mental Health Day

So John, 2016/17 has been a particularly busy year for Inspire.

It has been an exciting and busy year.  In November we moved into our new community resilience centre in Lombard House, we rebranded from Carecall to Inspire Professional Services, Addiction NI joined the Inspire Group and I moved from my previous position as Assistant Director to Director of Professional Services.   Through all of this change our focus remained on maintaining the quality of the service we offer to our clients and last year we delivered 59,600 counselling sessions to people across Ireland and GB.

Carecall was well known as a counselling organisation. Has this changed with the rebrand to Inspire Professional Services?

We are really proud of Carecall’s reputation as an experienced and reliable provider of work place counselling.  But, as our clients will know, the Carecall offer was always about more than counselling and the rebrand to Professional Services allows us to be more explicit about this. 

As a charity Inspire takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and this is reflected in the 360◦ support Professional Services offer our clients.  Counselling will always be key part of what we do but we also offer well-being consultancy for employees as well as training, mental health awareness raising, coaching and mediation services. As part of a wider charity we are in the unique position of being able to plug our clients into a wide range of expertise across the rest of the Inspire group in our mental health, learning disability and addiction services.

Is there a typical Inspire Professional Services client?

Our Professional Service team are very lucky to work with a wide range of businesses and organisations from across all sectors.  Despite their diverse nature all of our clients have two things in common; a commitment to the wellbeing of their staff and a sound understanding of the business case behind investing in workplace wellbeing. 

The individual needs of our clients and our 360◦ model of service provision means that we employ a multidisciplinary team of professionals and associates. Our clinical staff, counsellors, professional trainers, coaches, mediators and quality assurance staff all work together to ensure each of the 1million people whose lives we cover have access to the best possible, effective and appropriate support. 

What’s next for Inspire Professional Services?

As a team we agree that the most rewarding part of our jobs are the outcomes we achieve for our clients. At a business level that might be increased productivity, employee loyalty and reduced absenteeism.  For the individuals who use our services we pride ourselves in making a tangible difference to their lives and their wellbeing.  Addiction NI joining the Inspire group has opened up an exciting new opportunity for us to enhance the services we offer clients, and that’s something we are really looking forward to developing.

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