Inspire attend WMH Day event at Buckingham Palace

10 October 2017

Staff from Inspire travelled to Buckingham Palace to attend a special event to mark World Mental Health Day.

Inspire attend WMH Day event at Buckingham Palace

Andrew Gowdy, Kirsty Turner, Barbara Coffey, Anne Clarke, Grace Hyndman and Margaret Cameron accompanied CEO Peter McBride to a special event attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Speaking at the event Prince Harry said

"All of you helped change the language around this issue, shifting away from fear and shame, to a more open and optimistic sense about what we can achieve when we simply start talking. All of you showed what is possible when we get our Heads Together."

Inspire staff got the opportunity to meet with some famous faces who have spoken out on the issue of mental health as well as colleagues from other organisations across the UK.  

Speaking after the reception Peter McBride said " I was really proud of our team who did a great job of representing all of us at Inspire.  The Duke, Duchess and Prince Harry have done so much to address the stigma around mental health ad it was great to see that in action at this wonderful event."

Peter McBride meets with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


Anne Clarke chats with Prince Harry about Inspire

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