Enterprise court celebrated their 15th Anniversary

02 October 2017

Enterprise Court held a family fun day to help celebrate their 15th anniversary

Enterprise Court celebrated their 15th Anniversary

The Family Fun day was a part of 15th Anniversary of Enterprise Court opening. Enterprise court was opened on 16th /September 2002. Apple (fruit) tree planted as a symbolic representation of goodness and positive results. Service users can see its growth and enjoy the fruits. This was also an opportunity for House 15, Enterprise Court to develop good public relation with the local community, local public representatives, carers and other stakeholders. This 15th Anniversary family fun day also provide an opportunity for the team members to celebrate their work in enterprise court with their families as well. We got positive support from service users, carers, stakeholders, staff and the public representatives. All proceeds raised from this 15th anniversary event is going to Royal Hospital intensive care unit.

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