Inspire Christmas Cards

23 November 2017

We love the story behind our 2017 Christmas card almost as much as the card itself.

Inspire Christmas Cards

Back in October members of our Aspen Community Wellbeing Service began to work on designs for our 2017 Christmas card.  They continued working on their designs at a special session with local artist Rory Jeffers as part of the official opening of Lombard House Community Resilience Centre.

Our VIP guest at the official opening was the Duke of Cambridge who chatted with the team and was curious to see what the final card would look like.

Indigo Leigh's unique and creative design really stood out and our Policy Engagement team began to work with her to produce the card.  Indigo had full artistic freedom over the design from her original drawing to the computerisation of her image and then finally to print.

1,000 of the cards arrived at Lombard House ready for distribution and one is currently making its way to Kensington Place for the Duke and his family.

Indigo says she is ‘over the moon’ with her design and is already in the process of designing cards for Valentine’s Day and Easter.

You can email to enquire about our Christmas Cards.

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