a year of wellbeing...

02 January 2017

inspired by our vision of wellbeing for all, we are kick starting 2017 by launching our year of wellbeing.

a year of wellbeing...

As we inspire others with our vision of wellbeing for all, in 2017 we want to extend our reach as widely as possible, positively impacting on the lives of even more people than before.

We have created our very own ‘Inspiration Point’ through our new offices and resilience centre at Lombard House in Belfast City Centre. This central location will allow us to engage with a wide range of new audiences who will be literally ‘on our doorstep.’

Our year of wellbeing campaign, running throughout 2017, will also help us to extend our reach. Each month throughout the year, we will focus on a different area of wellbeing. This means we are communicating about a variety of themes and therefore engaging with a breadth of people from various walks of life. From relationships to rural life, motherhood to sport, we are striving to reach a broad range of people and to communicate the importance of wellbeing throughout all aspects of your life. We want to ensure that everyone understands the importance of taking care of their own mental wellbeing.

In addition, we have recruited a number of wellbeing ambassadors to help us communicate about the various aspects of wellbeing. Each ambassador has embedded knowledge and personal experience within their chosen area of expertise, thus enabling our messaging to be relevant and informed.

We hope that in 2017 we can inspire you to prioritise your own mental wellbeing and can share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Click here to download our year of wellbeing poster to help inspire your own year of wellbeing.

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