Council helps spread inspirational message of wellbeing throughout Belfast...

07 February 2017

Staff from Belfast City Council got the chance this week to pick up some practical advice and tips on looking after their wellbeing with help from local charity, Inspire.

Council helps spread inspirational message of wellbeing throughout Belfast...

Inspire reached out to promote its vision of wellbeing for all to 2,500 staff employed by the council as part of Belfast City Council’s Employee Health Fair which took place at City Hall on Tuesday 7th February 2017.

Inspire which is one of the largest and longest established mental health and wellbeing charities in Northern Ireland, has recently moved into its new resilience centre facility at Lombard Street, right in the heart of the Belfast city centre, and is reaching out to its ‘neighbours’ including the council staff, to promote ways in which we can all take positive steps to make 2017 a year of wellbeing.

The new premises sees for the first time its mental health, learning disability, workplace and student counselling services all accessible in a single ‘hub’, including Addiction NI, the newest member of the Inspire family.

Stacey Patterson, Marketing Officer with Inspire took the opportunity when meeting with council staff to update them about their Year of Wellbeing campaign, she said: “Our Year of Wellbeing campaign is part of the charity’s overall aim to broaden its reach.

Inspire wants to ensure that every citizen of Belfast and beyond has access to information about mental health and wellbeing and is aware of where to access this information.

Unfortunately there is still a stigma that surrounds some of the issues we support people with including mental ill-health or addiction, by providing easily accessible information to visitors at events such as the Health Fair, we hope to reach even more people than before.

Throughout 2017, our charity will be holding a number of free events to promote wellbeing at Lombard House, and will also be distributing literature to a number of local venues including shopping centres, colleges, fitness centres, hospitality venues and council facilities. We hope that more people like our friends at Belfast City Council join with us to become inspiration points for wellbeing.”

As an advocate for positive health among its staff and residents, Belfast City Council is more than happy to do all it can to promote that wellbeing message. Jill Minne, Belfast City Council’s Director of Organisational Development said: “As one of the largest employers in the city, we’re really committed to providing important support services to all colleagues. The council is already seen as leading the way in providing support services for staff and our Health and Wellbeing Strategy is viewed as exemplary in the public sector.

We recognise that many staff experience mental health problems during their lives; with the right help at the right time, they can recover their mental health. And we believe that everyone in the workplace has a responsibility to create an environment that promotes wellbeing and to look after their mental health.

We want to send out a positive message to all staff that your positive mental health and resilience is paramount. And as an employer and service provider, we will both work to create a workplace culture that promotes equality of opportunity and respect for those with mental ill health and provide a positive service to people with mental ill health.”

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