Trainer celebration

13 April 2017

The Inspire Performance and Development team welcomed all our internal trainers to Lombard House today to celebrate the contribution they make to Inspire and to recognise the positive impact they have on the organisation as a trainer.

Trainer Celebration

Colin Smith welcomed everybody to the event and opened proceedings by thanking the trainers for the contribution they make on an ongoing basis.  John Foster then took the floor to deliver a workshop titled 'Finding the real inspiring you- Mystery, Meaning and Measuring'.  This workshop was hugely fun and interactive as John helped everybody focus on their emotional self while they made their own 'Warm Fuzzy'!  The gift of giving was exemplified by everybody sharing their 'warm fuzzies' at the end of the session and even later in the day.

Making their Warm Fuzzies  Eyes on the prize

After John's workshop, Peter McBride joined the group and had the great pleasure of making the trainers the first recipients of the new Recognition Programme - 'Inspired By You'.  Peter thanked the trainers for going above and beyond their work and recognised all trainers for 'engaging with and inspiring' their colleagues.  Everybody received their nomination, a signed recognition card from Peter and a badge representing the value they were nominated for. 

All the trainers  Peter & Gillian 

Click in to the 'get involved' page to see all the recipients.

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