Be inspired to share your experience with the media...

26 April 2017

The External Affairs Department is in search of colleagues, volunteers or those that access our services and supports to consider sharing aspects of their experience with the media.

Be inspired to share your experience with the media...

Having a well-known public profile is good for the work of Inspire and Addiction NI in many ways including:

  • It helps promote awareness of our services.
  • It raises general awareness of wellbeing issues with the public.
  • It 'evidences' all the great work done and outcomes achieved within our services and projects.


One of the most effective ways to spread our message of wellbeing for all is to engage with local media. In terms of how many people we can reach via the media, to give you an idea, the average weekly local newspaper is read by about 9000 people, daily NI newspapers (Belfast Telegraph etc.) tend to be read by about 50,000 people, and local television programmes such as BBC NI Newsline can have an audience of 500,000.

The External Affairs Department wants to be able to share more positive stories of what motivates staff and volunteers to help deliver Inspire and Addiction NI services, and to also share the first-hand experiences of those we have helped.

Below is a link to a poster promoting this type of media engagement activity, please take a moment or two to download and print it and display it in your office, scheme or service.

Click Here to download the Inspire Media Engagement Poster (April 2017)

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