Fundraiser hits just the right note

12 February 2016

A bunch of talented and tuneful songsters have hit just the right note by raising £1307 for Niamh. Members of Grosvenor Chorale which is based at St. John’s (Church of Ireland) Church on the Castlereagh Road, Belfast choose a worthy local cause each year that they actively help through organising charitable performances.

Fundraiser hits just the right note

Grosvenor Chorale was founded by its Director, Edward Craig in the autumn of 1993. This unique and youthful mixed-voice ensemble mainly hail from the Greater Belfast, South Antrim and North Down areas. Their repertoire is extensive and a typical concert includes a rich tapestry of styles and genres with music old and new and in a colourful spectrum of languages. Indeed, you can check out their harmonious renditions yourself by visiting their website at

Speaking about why the choir chose to support a mental health charity through its fundraising efforts, one member explained: "From my perspective as a Community Pharmacist working in a deprived area of Belfast, I see people with mental health issues every day and I know how devastating it can be, not just for the person themselves but also for their families.

“That's one of the reasons I voted for Niamh this year. I also know just how beneficial it is, singing and coming together socially each week and how this can have a really positive effect on all our mental health. Starts you off right for the week."

In acknowledging the donation, Geoff Scott, PR & Marketing Manager at Niamh was keen to thank the member of Grosvenor Chorale not only for raising funds but also for drawing attention to the issue of mental wellbeing. He said: “We are very grateful to all the members of the choir for choosing to help the work of Niamh, our charity delivers a number of community-based mental health services and projects in the Belfast area and any support for this work is very welcome.

“Just as importantly as the funds they have raised, I would also like to thank these good ladies and gents for also helping raise awareness of mental health. Even though as many as 1 in 4 people will experience mental ill-health this year, it is a subject that is often not talked about, making it harder for people to seek the help they need.

“Through their efforts, Grosvenor Chorale have helped draw attention to the services Niamh can offer and I thank them for that.”

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