Mindfulness and the Workplace

Mindfully transforming organisations - when mindfulness as a shared, informal social practice is accepted and embedded as an organizational mindset it permeates and breathes life into routines, processes and practices between people and across teams, cultivating organizational resilience, innovation and sustainability (7)

We spend more of our time working than doing any other activity and research shows that on average these hours are the least happy and oftentimes most stressful of our lives.

Success in most organisations, however, is dependent on the very things which stress and unhappiness erode: collaboration, creativity, clarity of thought and flexible thinking and effective decision making.

A recent review of the best available scientific evidence, found that mindfulness has a significant positive impact on three key areas of workplace functioning: Resilience, Relationships and Performance, (Good et al., 2016 9).

Explore the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace: