Our training has helped a number of organisations to begin and flourish in their mindfulness journey. Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received:

“Loved the taster. Will use the exercises shown and would love to learn more.”

“I feel it helped provide certain mental tools to deal with things.”

“Thoughtful and challenging content.”

“I could relate to the message of the course and inspired me to practice and learn more.”

“I learned good, simple exercises to use at any time to be more present. Frank has an excellent knowledge of mindfulness, shown by references to experts, scholars etc.”

“The course was great and I learned a lot!”

“I think this is very much needed and would help staff in and out of the work to be more productive, less stressed and reduce tension in the workplace.”

“Relaxed, open, non-pressurised or intimidating environment.”

“It has got me thinking about me and others!”

“I don’t see how the programme could have been delivered any better. Practical advice given on using mindfulness in the workplace.”

“Very interesting, awakening and informative.”

“I think I can take away a certain mindset for the future.”

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of beneficial information in self-care and positive mindset.”

“Good practice skills for daily life.”