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Inspire Mental Health's services were the foundation on which the charity was built. Established by Lady Margaret Wakehurst in 1959 to provide day support for her son in their local community, the first day support service was called Beacon House and gave rise to a network of Beacon Centres across NI. Renamed Inspire in 2016, the heart of the service remains the same -the provision of personalised, recovery focused, community-based support for people who have had experience of mental ill-health

Since its inception, in response to emerging needs, Inspire has developed Inspire Mental Health Support services in towns throughout Northern Ireland. Inspire now has fourteen Day Support Centres with approximately 1,000 members attending regularly. Over the years, Inspire has continued to develop innovative additional services in response to the emerging needs of its service users. Through listening attentively to what our service users need, Inspire has been able to develop three Support services with around 100 members, 10 twenty four hour Supported Housing Schemes with 100 residents, 9 non twenty four hour Supported Housing Schemes with approximately 90 residents as well as three Floating Support Schemes which provide support to 35 people. Alongside these schemes Inspire Mental Health Services have also developed four Advocacy schemes which provided support to over 5,500 last year.

While continuing to develop services to support those with experience of mental illness, research shows that mental health is not achieved simply by treating mental illness, but also by promoting positive mental wellbeing.

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