South Belfast Supported Housing

South Belfast is a complex and diverse Non-24hr scheme of independent flats spread over a number of sites in the general South Belfast area. We currently have capacity for 31 residents.

Service Utilisation

Our Supported Housing Schemes are aimed at helping people with enduring mental health issues achieve independent living in the community. Our trained staff create a sense of individual belonging with Inspire Members contributing to all aspects of home life.

Our residents are involved in all the day-to-day decisions concerning them and their opinions are actively sought.

This, combined with good relationships between staff and residents, is essential in maintaining happiness and contentment for everyone within the scheme.

Inspire principles of recovery enable Inspire Members to build confidence and self-esteem and develop the skills necessary to live productive and satisfying lives.


How to Contact Us


Phone: 02890244645

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Volunteers bring immeasurable value to all areas of Inspire’s work to support people living with experience of mental ill-health. Find out more about how you get involved with our work....