Shiels Court

Shiels Court is a 24 hour Supported Housing Scheme run by Inspire Wellbeing and managed by Inspire Mental Health Services.

We have 3 communal houses with a maximum of 4 residents per house and one independent flat providing support to twelve residents

This Scheme has been in operation since 1997, it was reconfigured to a 24 hour Support Housing Scheme in 2003.

We are based centrally in Ballymoney and have good access to all public transport. The scheme is based in private grounds with private parking facilities

We work in collaboration with the Northern Trust, Choice Housing Association and Supporting People. We receive referrals from CMHT, local hospitals or GP’s.

We provide services to adults who have a mental health diagnosis, by encouraging the residents to take control of their lives, inspire hope and promote independence. We are funded to provide 24 hour support based on a person centred basis and in conjunction with needs assessments and support planning. The staff team also encourage and facilitate in-scheme activities requested by Service Users that promote inclusion, participation and therapeutic relaxation sessions. Also provided by staff are a number of training and information sessions that cover areas such as community services, mental health promotion, CAB and Human Rights.

Over the last year carers evenings have also been introduced for all family members to avail of, staff facilitate these evenings every 3 months and gather feedback from all who have attended that identifies areas for improvement or specific topics of interest. To date all feedback has suggested carers involved with Service Users have found the sessions to be a great support and information given to be beneficial.

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