Community Mental Health Team

“My client is comfortable to ask for support when he requires it and this is always provided”

 “an exceptional service is offered to my client and a great range of support is offered. Staff are proactive and try different ways to touch base with him. They are flexible and they persist. Communication is very good with all staff, they are approachable and feedback is given and received”

“staff provide a very good service and are supportive of my clients, there is good communication between them and herself. “

 “the staff team have been a great support to my client and show very good collaborative working. There is good communication between both parties and engagement on a personal level with clients is very good”

 “I am kept well informed. The team are very good at including other services to benefit the service users. They keep in close contact whether by phone or face to face and this has always been a positive experience”


Family and carer comments:

 “(my relative) is very happy and he is well supported by the team. I have no suggestions for improvement as the main thing is that he gets on well and is happy there”

 “communication between myself and the team at Newry is excellent”

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